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Image Description: Photo of several trees whose branches are permanently twisted from the wind, continuing to grow from solid grey rock against a cloudy background.

Slow Growth

I am an oak saplingSlow growthMy roots are deeper and widerThan I am highI am solidAnd tenderStrongVulnerableI will twist with the windAs I growMy branchesUnfurling in shady tesselationsOffering golden acornsTo birds and squirrelsSpring green leavesTo caterpillars and antsI need waterAnd rich earthTo growBut I can survive a droughtAndI am findingMy forest

Image Description: Photo of a white llama against a grey stone background at Machu Picchu

This is a Bad Poem.

This is a poem I don’t want to put on the Internet.This poem(Like most bad things)I will keep to myself. This Poem gives meAnxiety.I want to Fix the GrammarButI set out to writeA Bad Poem So My first IntentionIsMy Last intention. This PoemIs for all the thoughtsUnSaidThat I keep to myself This Poem isAll theI’mperfectionsThatContinue reading “This is a Bad Poem.”

Radical Meditation I

We are gardeners. We take all of the rotten things of this world, and we join in communion with the worms and the wriggly creatures of this planet to creates the blackest, richest earth we’ve ever known. When the earth smells deep and heady, we plant a magical seed. This is a seed that hasContinue reading “Radical Meditation I”

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