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Radical Meditation I

We are gardeners. We take all of the rotten things of this world, and we join in communion with the worms and the wriggly creatures of this planet to creates the blackest, richest earth we’ve ever known. When the earth smells deep and heady, we plant a magical seed. This is a seed that hasContinue reading “Radical Meditation I”


i. we say: “the world” “everyone” “everything” is broken words that summarize but do not encompass  the suffering of each of the beings who have been taught through violence through isolation through poisonous words that who they are is not enough is less than ii. somewhere along the way as i saw and understood andContinue reading “break”

Sunset over the ocean

The ocean will cry for me

When I have no more tears to give Her salt water heaves In great sobs of emotion As constant as life And death And nothing She cries  The ocean will roar for us When our throats are raw from screaming When the blood on the streets has dried And the spring grass Has sprouted overContinue reading “The ocean will cry for me”

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