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“The classroom remains the most radical space of possibility in the academy”
– bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress

I bring to my teaching and facilitation a tender care for each of my students and a desire to watch people step into their fullest selves. I believe that knowledge-sharing is a collective experience that is most powerful when each person’s brilliance is lifted up and honored. I love fostering community, and helping people to get to know parts of each other and themselves that they might not have discovered otherwise.

Image description – Text reads: “Social Justice + Leadership Intensive – So you wanna change the world…” Background has light beige and light turquoise rays. The foreground shows the black silhouettes of a group of people with their arms in the air, waving a flag with a white peace sign on it.

Social Justice and Leadership Intensive

  • Take field trips to local organizations to watch social change happen in real time

  • Organize a project of your own to address an issue that you care about

  • Learn about contemporary forces that drive social, political, and economic issues

  • Explore how social movements, legislative change, and individual actions can build a more just world

Workshop Adjusted for Specific Age Ranges

Colorful school supplies scattered on a flat surface with colorful papers on it
Image description: Colorful pens, pencils, scissors, paper, paint, stamps, stencils, and other creative supplies are scattered in a loose oval on a flat surface. Underneath, there are red, orange, purple, pink, blue, and yellow papers. Photo by Pixabay on

Make Your Own Book Camp

How many kids do you know who are published authors? Spend a week writing,editing, illustrating, and publishing a real book!

Ages: 10-13

Image description – Text reads: “Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself…” Text is written in cursive on a white piece of paper, which is on a light brown background and is surrounded by calligraphy pens, a jar of black ink, and long green plants. In small text on the bottom, it reads: “Photo by Kelly Sikkema –”

Dear Me: A Love Letter to Myself

Imagine this: The lights are dimmed. Maybe there’s a candle casting warm, quivering light. You’re wearing something that you feel gooooood in, and you have your favorite snacks in reach. You’re content and comfortable, and you know there’s only one person in the world that you want to be with right now: *you.* The words of adoration start to flow from you, and your love letter to yourself blooms to life.

Join us as we spend two delicious hours learning what we absolutely adore about ourselves, and how to love our whole selves. We will celebrate that self-love in the form of a love letter or love poem that we can cherish and read over and over again for years to come.

Ages: 18+ (Can be adjusted for different ages)

Sunlight coming through tops of trees
Image description: Sunlight streams through tall ponderosa pine trees stretching towards the sky. Their trunks are reddish brown, and their needles are dark green.

Guided Nature Retreat

Join me as we visit the outdoors, settle into ourselves and our surroundings, and embrace the innate spiritual connection we have to nature.

All Ages

A favorite camp indeed!

Parent quote from Make Your Own Book Camp

Let’s grow together!

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