The Extravaganza

She brushes her windswept hair
Around her noble shoulders
It billows out in swirling patterns of
Grey and white as she prepares for
Her nightly performance

She smiles seductively
Entices her azure lover closer
Whispers in their ear until they blush
A deep shade of cobalt

She giggles
Winks her liquid golden eye
Swipes lipstick and eye shadow across her skin
Unsure if
Or ruby
Goes best with her hair

She drapes a glittering necklace of
City lights
Across her prominent collar bones
For a final touch fastens
Diamond hair pins and jewelry
Over her alluring body

She relishes her irresistible beauty
For the briefest moment
With a soft sigh
Slowly fades into the world of dreams

Content with the resplendence of life

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